Monday, December 26, 2016

Installed old HDD

So I finally removed my old HDD and installed it into my new computer.
It's been less than 5 minutes and I already regret it cause it's so LOUD!

The mod has has been on hiatus the last 3 months as I haven't touched it since September 28 when v0.2.8 came out. Maybe I'll start working on it again now that I have the old files available.

But like this new computer is letting me play games I couldn't play before and now all my free time after work is going to gaming :P

I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. Hi, can you tell me when the new update will come out, with the improvements in trunks?

    1. No clue. Still haven't worked on it since Sept 28

    2. please update, wait for so long

    3. I really should eh? The laziness is real doe

    4. Come on dude, I think this is really awesome games!! we want to see you come out the new vision of this so bad!

    5. Not enough motivation. Need more people commenting on these posts and forum and YouTube videos to bring back the inspiration. Till then my time is going to MapleStory rofl

    6. Lol man xD, how do you work on this anyway? I'm interested

    7. If you continue update your video bro


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